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Q: How can I make money from
A: Any web templates developer can make money from by ulopading their website templates and themes for sale.

Q: What types of website templates accepted are accepted?
A: All types of web templates based on twitter bootstrap framework are accepted but we also accept others. Any template worth selling would be promoted on

Q: What is the payment % in marketplace?
A: offers a great rate: you can make 55% for each sale of any template. And there is no exclusivity clause, why tidy you up? We let you sell your template in maximum places so you make the most of it!

Q: How do you get payed?
A: Each developer is payed 1st day of the month via paypal.

Q: Who determines the price of your template?
A: Well, You! You can choose your template price.

Q: Which payment method is accepted?
A: We accept paypal, the most reliable and popular payment method!

Q: Can anyone buy premium template?
A: Yes, after payment via paypal, you will get a download link which is valid for 24 hours to download your template. Please remember you can download 2 times during that 24 hours. For security reasons; the link expired after. If you have any issue; please contact us: support at

Q: What is the refund policy for any templates if it is not valid as mentioned in the marketplace?
A: We will agree to refund or update whatever be suitable for buyer acording to the features mentioned in the marketplace. Each case will be reviewed and decided upon solely.